I believe in natural gas, says Barbara

“Dear Aunty, is it true that Barbara Richardson of Roseacre Awareness Group once said that she believes in natural gas but just couldn’t see how she would personally benefit from fracking near her home?”

Yes, dears, it’s true.

In 2014, shortly after Cuadrilla Resources announced plans to explore for shale gas near the Fylde village of Roseacre, Barbara Richardson was quoted in the Blackpool Gazette as saying “I believe in natural gas…”

Barbara believes in natural gas.png

“…but what’s in it for us? It’s not really been sold to us that we’ll benefit.”

Since then, she’s become an ardent anti-fracker, campaigning against Cuadrilla’s plans and is this week appearing at a public inquiry on the topic being held in Blackpool.

Her original comments will no doubt leave many wondering whether she’s now opposing fracking simply because there’s not enough personal gain in it for her?

Particularly, sweeties, considering her husband is quoted in the same article as saying “I think fracking is safe. I’m sure they’ve done enough investigation.”

Until next time xxx


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