Vivienne Westwood – part of the climate problem

“Dear Aunty, is it true that Vivienne Westwood is part of the climate problem she claims she wants to fix?”

Yes, I’m afraid it’s very true.

Vivienne Westwood’s fashion industry is among one of the most wasteful, high energy and carbon intensive sectors in the world.

It thrives on built-in obsolescence (that’s “sooooooo last season dahling”) and positively encourages waste as a result.

In a bid to create clothing that looks great but costs comparatively little, many garments are made in places like Taiwan and China – places with poor environmental controls – and where the majority of energy is obtained from burning coal.

And then there are all the shipping emissions of getting finished garments from the factories where they’re made, all the way to our high streets.

This report on the topic is very instructive http://www.ifm.eng.cam.ac.uk/uploads/Resources/Other_Reports/UK_textiles.pdf

Rather than jumping on the anti-fracking and climate change bandwagon, Vivienne Westwood should consider how she can make a real difference by changing the fundamentals of fashion so it becomes more sustainable.

Of course, dears, that involves effort, investment and sacrifice. Which might explain why she chooses to spend her days travelling around the UK to protest about fossil fuels instead.

Until next time xxx


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