Local Impacts, Traffic

“Dear Aunty, are all the fracking truck movements really a big problem?”

Well, sweeties, I wouldn’t put it that way at all.

That’s not to say that there won’t be lorry movements when equipment is being mobilised to and from the fracking sites, and when waste is being taken away, dears, but then that’s no different to any construction project really, is it?

Interestingly, Doreen Stopforth – who has campaigned vociferously against Cuadrilla’s plans for a site at Becconsall near Southport and is herself a resident of the area – apparently wasn’t aware of any of the HGV movements during the construction of that shale gas site.

She evidently saw none of the heavy plant used to create the site, or the wagons delivering the stone used to create the pad, or the delivery of the drilling rig.

Because, as she says in this Guardian interview:

“It was just like something from Nasa,” says Doreen Stopforth, pointing from the front window of her bungalow to the flat expanse of cabbages and the River Ribble beyond. One day last year, an enormous drilling rig materialised in the fields.

“The first thing we knew about fracking, was when we actually saw the rig going up,” says Doreen in this video on YouTube.

See, cherubs, they didn’t see any of the traffic, just the setting up of the rig.

“The first I knew about fracking was a planning notice on a telegraph pole, then suddenly there was a drill rig in a cabbage field near my house,” she says in this film called ‘Doreen’s Story’.

Again, no mention of traffic.

I think it’s safe to conclude from this that the traffic impacts were largely imperceptible, and probably just merged with the every day background of agricultural plant movements and lorries collecting cabbages from the field opposite Doreen’s home.

That’s what will happen at all these sites. Of course, dears, right now because everybody is drawing attention to them, the traffic will be more noticeable. But eventually, this too will just melt into the background.

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