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“Dear Aunty, is it true that shale gas can’t co-exist safely with agriculture?”

Gosh, no, of course that’s not true poppets!

And when you think about it calmly and sensibly, it’s obvious why: because all sorts of factories and industrial goings-on take place right next to farms.

Look at these examples, in Lancashire. A factory making nuclear fuels, using some quite dangerous products and processes, has existed here for decades, surrounded by farms sweeties. And a drugs and cosmetics manufacturer at Greenhalgh, surrounded by farms. And, of course, a natural gas extraction well at Elswick, surrounded by farms.

Are the surrounding brooks and drainage ditches polluted? Have these processes somehow scorched the earth? Has agriculture been decimated?

Or is it the case, dears, that provided the risks are properly identified and controlled, and the activities well regulated, these and other industries like shale gas extraction can co-exist quite safely with their agricultural neighbours?

Of course, viewed dispassionately like this, it’s really rather obvious that shale gas can be got at without the harm and disruption to local growers that some would have us all believe.

Until next time xxx





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