“Dear Aunty, are numbers really pesky things?”

Well, yes, sometimes they can be dears.

But apparently not as pesky as geography.

I stumbled across this blog post only the other day, and was originally planning to ignore the ineptitude with which it’s author tackles the subjects at hand but then I thought perhaps I should point it out – after all, that’s only what he was doing, pointing out the perceived mistakes of others dears.

Here’s the bit that caught my eye:

Mind you Mr Cameron isn’t exaggerating nearly as much as John Blaymires, CEO of IGas who, in an interview with the Salford Star claimed that those 74,000 would all be in the North West! Nice one John. He also claimed that “This area has an industrial heritage, it’s got skills. If we can do this right then we can establish literally the shale centre for Europe in this region.” Hang on a moment – Mr Cameron has already promised us that Blackpool was going to be the shale centre of Europe, now Mr Blaymire is saying it’s going to be Salford. Who can we trust eh?

Because, you see John, the North West is the region. Both Blackpool and Salford are in the North West, and therefore in the region. And so Mr Blaymires was perfectly correct in saying that the region could be the shale gas centre for Europe…

If your grasp of the English language and geography is this poor, sweetie, how can we trust the accuracy of anything else you say?

And one other thing, whilst we’re talking about accuracy: John Blaymires is the Chief Operating Officer of IGas, Andrew Austin is the CEO dear.

Until next time xxx


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